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Mac repair lab for all type of Mac computers issues MacBook repair ,iMac repair,iPad and iPhone repair

Basel 1 Tel-Aviv

EST. 2010


Express Labs & Shop

Basel 1 Tel-Aviv

EST. 2010

360 Services for Macintosh systems: from technical support to component level repair Specialized in Apple products.

Providing technical support on-site or remotely by professional technicians in the company's offices in Israel or US.

Hardware update on computers and servers and regular maintenance of Mac computers by trusted and professional technicians
Familiar with the IOS system at its core.

The largest inventory of original Youre time is important to us spare parts in Israel. Most repairs are done within an hour or less.

Want to buy or trade your workers  Apple computer? best price guaranteed. Apple Care+ option for businesses.

Boost your Success

We are the only international company in Israel that only repairs and maintains Apple products since 2010. 

We specialize in Apple computers and can provide every service that relate to mac computers.

We established the first Express Labs since 2010.

Our labs are secure and the level of privacy and protection of our clients data and property are of the utmost importance!

Our clients include hi-tech companies, graphic designers, advertising agencies, medical, technology, and government companies from all over.

We have promised to fix any problem with Apple computers from our inception in 2010 and vow to keep this promise for the future. Our experience is so vast that we have not yet encountered a Mac computer that we could not fix.

Because we have the best techs, we work faster and you save your time and money!




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Get to work

Concentrate on work, we’ll do the rest. Providing technical support for remote takeovers or by technicians in the company’s offices. Arrive at the offices to pick up the computer and return it before you notice that it has been sent for repair for repair at all. No matter whats the company size, whether it is a start-up on his first step, or a company with thousands of employees, We are here for you all the way.

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Over 100,000 successful repairs worldwide

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